RAF 2203 Latvija


RAF 2203 Latvija



Latvians have given us two great things – song festival in Jurmala and a little bus to get there.

Before RAF "Latvija", we had taxis and buses. But after the engineers at Jelgava came up with the genius idea to combine the two and produce a route taxi (a minibus) with 11 seats, life was not the same.

Imagine – even doctors no longer had to transport the patients in the trunk of a limousine or in the back of a lorry. Our Latvian friend was born in 1986.

Technical data

Length of RAF 2203 "Latvija" is 5 meters and the bus is suitable for shorter, but also for longer travels, if the passengers can endure the uncomfortable oilcloth seats.

  • Deficient ventilation can be provided usually only through the driver's window.
  • There is not much room for any luggage so only two out of eleven passengers are allowed to carry any luggage.
  • However, there is not much noise either, and if the audience requests, artistes from long ago can perform via the tape recorder.
RAF 2203 Latvija


From 1976 to 1997, Rīgas autobusů Fabrika designed and manufactured RAF-2203 Latvija minibuses.

The buses were widely used across the Soviet Union as route taxis (marshrutkas), medical and other specialised vehicles.