Volvo SKV Katrineholm


Volvo SKV Katrineholm



When Annika and Tommy went to visit Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking in Villa Villekulla then they took the SKV Katrineholm city bus built on the frame of this 1962 Volvo.

Other celebrities have rode on this bus too, because there are 43 seats, in addition to the driver's, conductor's and mailman's seats.


The frame, wheels, engine, steering wheel and driver’s seat of the Volvo SKV Katrineholm manufactured in 1962 are all from the Volvo factory.

The aluminium body was riveted around all that at the Katrineholm body shop (Svenska Karosseri Verkstäderna AB).

In relation with changes in traffic organisation in Sweden in 1967, the door was moved on the opposite site.

Technical data

Length of Volvo SKV Katrineholm is 11 meters and the bus is suitable for travelling only on paved city and inter-city roads.

  • The bus has comfortable seats with high backs. The seats are not adjustable.
  • Sunroofs and windows provide ventilation. Temperature of the ventilation air is, of course, in line with the temperature outside. In the past people were happy with what they had, but nowadays passengers want cool air when it is hot and vice versa.
  • Baggage is placed in the compartment in the back of the bus and, if necessary, there is also a luggage carrier.
  • Three bicycles can be attached in front of the bus, so you will always be able to reach your destination, even if the bus should fail.
  • Since the engine is located in the front, the noise is also louder in the front of the bus. In the back of the bus secret romance is allowed.



85 km/h