There are all sorts of buses in the world and we have a selection of the finest. We love and take excellent care of them, and we are more than happy to share them with you


Taking a ride on a timeless bus enables you to go on an exciting and unforgettable journey through the previous century.

The principle of our collection is to have the classic, but also the most innovative buses from each decade.

Thus, we have no duplicates – each bus has its own history and special features. Some ride fast on highways, but cannot manoeuvre in the city, others are incapable of either but are simply stunning to look at.

All our buses are renovated or preserved according to the best practices in historic preservation and we always keep the sustainability principle in mind when we use them.

The buses are primarily meant for convenient and carefree travel from point A to point B, located in Estonia. Timeless buses enable traveling in space and time.

Journey in to the past can be much more grasping than life in present or future expectations. This experience is available for only those who know how to appreciate it.

Timeless buses are suitable for covering longer distances only if you understand that the people who lived before us endured loud engine noise, insufficient ventilation and uncomfortable seating.

However, the smell of fuel and unexpected technical difficulties may also result in permanent anger towards the entire historical legacy of technology.

So think carefully before you decide to use the timeless buses for an event.