ZIS 127

ZIS 127



When Stalin was everywhere, then he literally was everywhere, even on the nose of the first Soviet intercity express bus ZIS 127 – an acronym of Zavod Imeni Stalina (Factory named for Stalin).

Of course today, we are used to fast and comfortable buses, but to embrace the background of the fancy bus built in 1956 better, we let you know that a year earlier people travelled in the back of lorries listening to the sound of the tarpaulin fluttering in the wind.

Technical data

Length of ZIS 127 is 10 meters and the bus is suitable for travelling only on paved inter-city roads.

  • The bus has comfortable, but not adjustable seats.
  • Every passenger can take smaller luggage that can be placed in the compartment below the floor.
  • Noise level is higher in the back of the bus, so in order to communicate, you must raise your voice.
  • Top parts of the windows can be opened and some fresh breeze comes in through there. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why the radiator is incapable of heating the bus during the cold. However, if the hearts are warm then this might not be an issue at all.


In 2008 we decided to give ourselves a grand present – we purchased a ZIS-127 manufactured in 1956.

At that moment, the words "grand" and "present" might have been a bit too much because the bus did not move on its own and one really had to have great imagination to recognise the bus that once had ruled the roads.

When it arrived, the bus looked like it had been working hard for nearly 50 years – little tired, but noble.

By today, experts from Busland and SEBE have worked on the bus. It has been a struggle but worth every moment of it. It is, after all, the only ZIS-127 left in the world and if we had not taken up on this in every sense expensive work, this bus could officially be considered extinct.